Frequently Asked Questions (Client Companies and Job Candidates)

Below, please find a list of frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What services do we provide client companies?

We are a recruiting firm in Dayton, Ohio.  We find the talent you need to make your business more successful.  We partner with you and reduce your legwork, by sifting through all of the resumes, conducting informational interviews, and making sure that you only see qualified candidates.


What services do we provide to job candidates?

We are a recruiting firm in Dayton, Ohio.  We uncover hidden job opportunities that job candidates may otherwise be unaware of.  We provide you with not only the technical requirements of a position, but also share company culture background.  We assist you in choosing the “right” opportunity for you!


What geographic area do you recruit for?

We are located in Dayton, Ohio, but our reach is much larger.  We recruit nation-wide, though we tend to have more opportunities located in Ohio and the Midwest.


What is Direct Hire Recruiting?

Direct Hire Recruiting is also known as Permanent Placement.  This means that the job candidate goes immediately on the employer’s payroll.  These are not contract opportunities.  A. Marasco Recruiting provides Direct Hire Recruitment services.


What is Temporary Placement?

Temporary Placement is also known as contracting.  With Temporary Placement, we hire the employee and place them in your open position.  On occasion a Temporary Placement may turn into a Direct Hire Role.  When this happen it is called Temporary To Permanent Placement.  A. Marasco Recruiting provides Temporary, Contract and Temporary To Permanent Placement services.


How do we find great talent?

We use a proven methodology from more than 20 years of experience.  We leverage a robust applicant tracking system, and are able to manage a high volume of talent.  There are many talented and motivated people in the workforce, but it is challenging finding someone who is the perfect fit. We are in a very candidate driven workforce, with very low unemployment.  One of two things will happen when posting a job ad:

  1. Candidates already working – If they are already working, it is likely that they are not looking, thus they will never see a “Job Posting”. We uncover passive job seekers.  In other words, qualified job candidates, that aren’t necessarily looking, but gain interest when approached in the correct manner.
  2. Candidates who are unqualified – When you post a job, you will likely get many unqualified applicants. Sifting through resumes is overwhelming – especially when they are largely unqualified applicants.   When working with a recruiter, you no longer have to do that.  We do all of the legwork for you!


How does it work?

We match the work to the job, and the job to the work.  Meaning – we create win/win situations.

For Client Companies:  Employees that not only fit your technical requirements, but also your company culture.

For Job Candidates:  The opportunity to be presented with multiple opportunities, yet keep your anonymity.  It is our goal to represent new opportunities where you can learn and grow in your career.


Why use A. Marasco Recruiting and not another recruiting firm?

We offer 20+ years of recruiting industry experience, in addition to a solid track record.  Values and ethics are our cornerstone.  We are committed to the success of both our client companies and job candidates.