Hiring Manager | How Long Will Candidates Wait for a Job Offer?

Do not wait to make a job offer to a candidate, just because you have no other candidates to compare them to.

I appreciate and understand the desire to interview more than one candidate in order to have a comparison.  In fact, it really makes sense.  Or does it?

2017 is not the market from 10 years ago.  Candidates have options – many options!  No matter the candidate’s circumstance (passively looking, unemployed, or recruited) you are competing against other opportunities.  You are competing against companies that may not wait to pull the trigger.  In fact they may just hire “your” candidate!  There is nothing worse, during the hiring process, than to lose “your” candidate to perhaps…one of your competitors.

It is hard to regain a candidate’s interest, when you have kept them on hold.  They begin to question your decision making and follow through.  This may cause them to turn you down, after you finally decide to make an offer.

OK…so your company is awesome. Candidates will wait for you!  Even if this is true, and the candidate stays on hold awaiting an offer, you could find yourself in a bidding war.

I caution you against waiting to make a job offer.  So what if you’ve only interviewed one candidate.  Is it not awesome that you didn’t have to use your time interviewing several candidates before finding “the one”?

Move your candidates through the process efficiently.  If the first interviewed candidate is the right fit, make them an offer.