With Potential The Reward is Always Found on the Other Side of Risk

Credit to: Life Coach, Gail Sease, REAL TRANSFORMATIONS | http://www.gailsease.com

How many times have you been right up to the line of making your biggest decision only to stop short because you were afraid? You could see what you wanted. It was right in front of you. A job opportunity. A relationship. A new house. Your dream career path. A great idea that could pave your future.

Almost every one of us have stood at the precipice and then turned around because we didn’t think we could do it. Those moments are the ones that remind us that we are alive, life is temporal, and dreams require something of us—the courage to risk what we know for what we don’t.

Fear plays an important role in our lives. You are alive right now because fear likely kept you from doing something catastrophic at some point in your life. But what happens is fear doesn’t do a good job of staying in the boundaries. And you might have grown up in a family where fear made most of the decisions. That kind of stuff gets ingrained in us. If so, our brains don’t even know how to function without fear, without doing a fair amount of work to rewire them.

Fear is a terrible decision maker when it comes to our dreams and potential. Sometimes you have to put it back in its place, and refuse to allow fear to make decisions about how you will choose what is right for you. The most important decisions we make have risk attached. If we avoid risk because we’re afraid, we will find ourselves living a very status quo life where we realize we missed our chance to find out what we were capable of doing. Don’t let it happen!