Phone Interview Preparation | 3 Part Series

Phone Interview Preparation | 3 Part Series


Prepare two or three questions to ask the employer.  Make sure the questions are related to the company or the job description.  NOTE:  Do not ask about salary or benefits!

Find a place for the interview.  This space should be quiet and free from outside disturbances.  NOTE:  Though I am a dog lover, a barking dog in the background is probably not a good idea!

Have your resume in front of you, for easy reference during the phone interview.

Have pen and paper in case you would like to take notes during the interview.

Turn off your call waiting.  If you have a land line available, it is preferable to a cell phone.  Hearing that annoying beeping (or pause) during a phone interview, is distracting for both you and the interviewer.

Do not smoke, eat, or chew gum. Do have a glass of water handy, just in case your throat gets dry.