I Like to Work with People I Like!

Having been a recruiter for 20 years now…I often get the question “who do you work with?”.  This question mostly comes from job candidates…but on occasion a client company as well.  The answer is the same for both job candidates and client companies.  I like to work with people I like!  This response may seem simple…but not always.

I Like to Work with People I Like!

The attributes of people I like are many but can be summed up in a few qualities:


Integrity  “Great Character” – Be real with me.  I will be real with you.

Trustworthy “Care About People” – Trust that I am in this because I want to be.  If you are my client, I care about your company and it’s success.  If you are my job candidate, I care about your career, and want to help you achieve your career goals.

Action Minded “Get Stuff Done” – Client Companies reach out to me because you like what I do and how I do it!  Candidates; work with me because I am motivated to help you.  I am not in this business just to make a placement.  I am here to connect people and build relationships.

Personality “Genuine and Fun to work with” –  Simple…just be kind and pleasant to talk to.