Guide To Time Management

Need help with time management?  It seems occasionally everyone needs help managing their “time”…or at the very least a refresher!  Below find a list of tips to help you manage your time more effectively!

Guide to Time Management

  1. Create a daily plan!  There is a reason this is number one…the most important step to effectively manage your time.
  2. Set a time limit for each task.
  3. Use a calendar.  I prefer digital; then it goes everywhere with me.  However, I know others that still prefer the write in calendar.  Use which ever will work for you best.
  4. Know your deadlines.
  5. Target to be early.
  6. Have a clock that is visible from your work space.  Not your cell phone, but a real no kidding clock.
  7. Set reminders.
  8. Block out distractions.
  9. Delegate.  Sometimes someone else can do it “just as good” as you.  Let them!
  10. Lump similar tasks together.
  11. Learn to say “NO”.