Tailor Your Resume to every Job Posting you Apply!

Tailor Your Resume to the Job Posting

Would you rather:

Send 50 generic resumes and go on one interview?


Send 10 tailored resumes and go on multiple interviews?

A hiring manager’s job is not glamorous.  Part of a hiring manager’s job includes wading through applications and resumes.  Because of this, on average, they spend 10 seconds scanning a resume searching  for a match.

They are looking for relevant skills!  If you want a hiring manager to reach out to you, start with tailoring your resume.  Search the job posting for key words.  These key words will be found in the job description and responsibilities as well as qualifications.

If you have the skills (key words) that they are searching for, make sure to include them on your resume.  These skills, should be towards the top of your resume.  Remember…the 10 second skim!

Power Tip:  Draw attention to these skills, by adding numbers and details.  Quantify your experience.

Tailoring your resume is crucial.  If you can’t pass the keyword scan, there is no way a hiring manager will give your resume a second look.