If you are not saying “HELL YEAH!”. Consider saying NO.

Create your own playlist instead of listening to someone else’s. It can be challenging to say “no”…especially if you are a people pleaser. To find true happiness, you must figure out how you can say “NO” without guilt.

Be polite and grateful to your inviter. Saying “NO” does not mean that we lose our manners, tact, or professionalism. A response can be as simple as: “I’m flattered, but no thank you” OR “It sounds wonderful, but I would not be able to give that the focus it deserves”.

Most of us are our own worst enemies when it comes to doing things for ourselves. We must get past this fear, no matter where it comes from and create our own playlist.

Everyone’s playlist is unique. Ultimately, the point of the playlist, is to do things that bring you joy and that are fun for you! What is on you favorite playlist?