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Angela helped me find employment after I graduated college. She not only helped with with my resume and my approach to finding a job but she also followed up with me at several points both before and after I got hired on. By meeting and working with her, I can say that I have got a great start to my career.
Matthew U. – Systems Administrator

Angela does an excellent job as a recruiter. She kept me appraised as the hiring process progressed and never left me wondering where things stood. In addition, she performs a great services to job seekers, regardless of if she is working with them or not, by posting her thoughts and insights on the job market for all to see. Angela is extremely professional and I would not hesitate to recommend or to friends of contact her again.
Peter S. – IT Consultant

My interaction with Angela began about a year ago when she e-mailed me about an open SQL server opportunity. Although I wasn’t a match for the position, she was still very interested in learning more about my motivations and career plans. This was somewhat unusual as most recruiters in my experience sever communications if the potential for placement is not immediate. That surely was not the case with Angela. It was her persistence in searching the job market and taking the time to fully understand my career objectives and technical background that won me over. She fully understands the technical market and has a unique ability of preparing candidates, building confidence, and calming nerves before interviews. In the end, her ability to align my experience with matching opportunities positioned me for success in realizing my career goals. Angela is a true professional who is very personable, an expert in the field, and provides great results! To this day I am still grateful for her dedication and persistence.
Jeremy D. – IT Infrastructure Manager

Angela Marasco is an expert recruiter. She takes time to understand the position she’s hiring for and helps potential candidates figure out whether roles are a good fit or not. Her can do attitude and ability to think outside the box for ways to connect people to positions sets her above her peer group in the highly competitive field of technical recruiting.
Phil G. – Social Media Thought Leader

Angela is a true professional at technical recruiting. She helped me recruit multiple software engineers for Hyperion Solutions. Angela worked with me to understand the position requirements and presented fully screened candidates, saving me precious time. I highly recommend Angela for IT recruiting needs.
David C. – Infrastructure Architect

Angela is extremely professional and knowledgeable in her line of business. She understands the technical details of a position and can seem to find those top-notch difficult candidates for her Clients. Angela always goes out of her way to help others as well, even when there is nothing in it for her. She has taught me quite a bit about the recruiting business.  I am pleased to offer my recommendation.
Steve A. – Former Recruiter

Angela and I have worked together several times. Angela is a top-notch Recruiter. She is dedicated to her clients and takes the time to understand their needs. She is also focused on finding the best match for her candidates. Angela only presents the best of the best and is always very thorough with her searches. It is a pleasure to recommend Angela.
Natasha C. – Talent Acquisition Manager

Angela is the ultimate professional and I have a great amount of respect for the professionalism that she brought to Media Consulting. Angela was very instrumental in securing the right resources in a very short amount of time to help grow the company. Without her knowledge, attitude, personal attention to detail, and her drive to succeed, Media Consulting would not have been very successful. It was people like Angela that made the company a great place to work. I am thrilled to offer my recommendation. Thanks for a great job Angela!
Don B. – (former President of Media Consulting)

Angela is two sides of a lucky coin. She is that rare powerhouse that straddles the line between complete professional competence and total compassion for her colleagues in the workplace. Additionally, she has the ability to lead and think strategically, while at the same time performing and executing day-to-day HR functions. 

Her leadership and know-how enabled me and other managers at Media Consulting to perform our jobs more confidently and communicate correct regulatory information to our direct reports. 

I highly recommend Angela Marasco for any position that requires a true professional with industry knowledge, outstanding communication skills, and an infectiously positive attitude.
Linda W. – Instructional Designer

I have worked with Angela for many years both using her services for my organization and using her services for my personal career searches. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile and most importantly, honesty in her placement choices. 

Angela is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Angela was extraordinarily helpful identifying appropriate candidates as well as supporting my career changes with precise accuracy. I highly recommend Angela and her company for employee sourcing. She is a dedicated team player and would make a great partner to any organization.
Jill F. – HR Manager

Angela worked diligently to find the correct match of employer for me when I needed it most. Later she also helped me in a future search that increased my income tremendously. I highly recommend her!
Rodney K. – Software Engineer / Architect


It’s been my pleasure to know Angela Marasco of A. Marasco Recruiting LLC, since she became a Preferred Member of Top Echelon Network in November of 2007.  Angela passed a rigorous screening process in order to gain access to the Membership, and during her tenure in Top Echelon, she has more than upheld the high standards of ethics created and promoted by the founders of our company.  Her adherence to the Four Pillars of the Network—Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation—sets her apart from other recruiters, and her interaction with peers, candidates, and hiring officials sets an example of exemplary conduct within the profession.

Angela has consistently been a top producer in the Top Echelon Network, which is made up of nearly 500 executive recruiting firms, where she has achieved production in the top 3% of all recruiters.

With that in mind, I wholeheartedly recommend Angela Marasco to any hiring authority looking to fill the staffing needs of their company with the best talent in their industry.
Mark D. – President of Top Echelon Network