Counter-offer. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Think twice before you accept a counter-offer.

Your current employer has reluctantly offered you more money (counter-offer) to get you to stay.  So the question is:  Why are you more valuable after you give notice?  Shouldn’t you be valued and paid for what you are worth without threatening to resign?  Beware; things won’t change.  The same frustrations that led you to look for a new job opportunity will remain.  It is unlikely that the pay increase will make those things acceptable.


For those job candidates only looking for a new opportunity to increase your salary…I ask you this.  Are you going to have to go through the job search every time you want a raise?  Keep in mind, old habits die hard.  If your company isn’t taking care of you today, it is unlikely, they will change.

A Good Rule of Thumb:  accepting a counter-offer is a bad idea.